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About us - D-program

The history of the company is dated back to thirties of the 20th century. The company called RYNA. After a couple of years company has renamed to ZNAK and was known as cooperative society. This one had branche offices all over the Czech Republic. The production of the company was engaged in metalworking industry and locksmithery. In 1973 was founded new regional branch office in Jarom?? with the same specialization as the mother company ZNAK. In 1993 this branch office has been privatized and the company has became a family manufacture called D-program Ltd.

New - certification ISO 9001 

The basic line of business is wholesale and retail oriented on processing and sale of wide range of heavy and light wire program such as various products for industrial companies, metal pallets, metal gates and fences and also containers, selling racks for postcards, print material holders, promotion racks, displayes for advertising brochures, baskets, nets, hooks, kitchen and bathroom complements, etc. The customers can choose finish coatings according to their requirements.

New CNC bending and coiling center - BM line machine
samples - You can see here

Successful deals and cooperation with e.g. ESAB Vamberk, OMW, PENNZOIL, PIRELLI, VITANA and export to Slovakia, Germany, France or Sweden has meant growing of production capacities and labour power. In the end of 2004 was finished a reconstruction of another 500 m2 of factory building and warehouses.

D-program Ltd. with 25 employees is not big manufacture, however, is able to satisfy a wide range of customers from industrial companies to small customers according to their technical drawings including their final finish coatings requirements.

If you have any further questions, please, do not hasitate to contact us. We appreciate e-mail contact in English or French.

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